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Saturday, April 26, 2003  


A Stupid War

(Ok you guys, I think I will get back to my full-time job now....)

posted by Rampurple | 10:32 AM

Criticising the Media

Here are two articles I found concerning the Media during this war:

Media filtered realities of war
US media losing global respect

What amazes me more, is that we have reached a time where the media can actually be criticised. What I mean is that before there were only a few major networks and no one was capable of criticising them, simply because, we never saw anything else. Today, we have so many major networks in the world, as well as many new types of media that the legendary giants such as CNN and BBC can actually be criticised. Now, I am not saying they are all bad. What I do think though is that we, normal people, were able to watch CNN, BBC, Fox, Al Arabiya, Abu Dhabi, Al Jazeera, etc. and decide who was right, who was wrong, or even pick up the truth from each network.

posted by Rampurple | 10:28 AM

Oil and Isreal

Ofcourse the US wants to shut down UN's control of oil in Iraq, then how else can they secure Iraqi oil for Israel?

posted by Rampurple | 10:20 AM

UN Speaks!

Anan declares that the US-UK war on Iraq is illegitimate!

Mr. Anan,

I regret to inform you that the war has started over a month ago and Bush will soon declare the end of war combat in Iraq. A new war might start somewhere else soon. Mr. Bush hasn't decided where yet but has a list of countries in hand. I suggest you start preparing your speech for that war, leaving the name of the country blank for now. Maybe by the time comes your speech will be completed and you will be able to say it on time.

Thank You For Your Support,
With love and no respect for the UN

posted by Rampurple | 10:17 AM


Didn't I also say this will happen? Not just in Basra but most of Iraq if things don't improve soon.

Damn I am good...maybe I am the next Nostradamus.

posted by Rampurple | 10:10 AM

Rich Troops

Didn't I tell you this will happen and that it was wrong?

posted by Rampurple | 10:07 AM


Bush is to declare the end of war combat soon.


What is it that determines the combat is over? I am sure some shooting will remain from the local people. Also, is this war victorious even though Saddam wasn't caught and nobody seems to know about his whereabouts and that's if he is alive? No WMD was found either.... so ermmmm war over...but both sides lose and win?

Iraqis won because they got rid of a miserable regime, but lost because they are now left with an extremely unstable country that will take years and years to fix up. Also, let us not forget the loss of the innocent lives of civilians.

The US won because the got rid of the regime, that gave them a bonus in the world's perspective but what a lot of questions have been asked by the world.......Where the hell are the WMD you guys have been talking about for years, where is that nutcase Saddam?????

posted by Rampurple | 9:50 AM

What To Do?

More Iraqi officials are being caught....but the US is pondering over the questions of what shouldbe done with those that have been caught already. Reports say that the thought of asylum has been denied for Tarek Aziz.

posted by Rampurple | 9:33 AM

Friday, April 25, 2003  

Set Phraselator on Obscene

I knew the US Army was being taught phrases and simple arabic before entering Iraq, but always wondered what they did with those Marines. Well they have some cool tech to help them in that their learning and speech department;The Phraselator.

with this is device, you just speak in to it, and then it will translate that to the language of choice.

posted by nibaq | 1:11 AM

Tarek Aziz in US hands

There are unconfirmed reports that Tarek Aziz has surrendered! Aziz was Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister, the second highest ranking official in Saddam's regime.

(thanks solar)

posted by Rampurple | 12:10 AM

Thursday, April 24, 2003  

Complicated History

I found this article quite interesting. It shows how complicated history in the Mid-East is. To my knowledge, there are some details that I believe are wrong, but in the Lebanese war everything was confusing and everyone has their own perspective.

posted by Rampurple | 8:58 PM

Trip to Umm Qasr

I went up to Umm Qasr early this morning. The border is just a bit over an hour drive away from Kuwait City. There are 3 checkpoints before you get to the border. 2 Kuwaiti and one American. I think they are a complete waste of time. The Kuwaiti checkpoints are easy to bypass. The Americans are a bit harder and have to "call in" to check on cars they are not sure off.

Passports are required at the border along with the press tags. People who are not residents of Kuwait are required to stamp a Visa on. These are the latest Kuwaiti regulations.

Along the road, I noticed marines and the 3rd infantry leaving Iraq and the 4th infantry going in.

Funny things I noticed: At one of the Kuwaiti checkpoints there was no one standing. I looked around only to find that the Kuwaitis have a small "kiosk" set up. A Kuwaiti officer was sitting in a diwaniya setting right outside. By diwaniya I mean traditional sadu cushions placed on the ground and typical Kuwaiti coffee and tea pots placed.

Also, right at the border, I noticed a few foreign troops (I presume British), lying down on the floor with their "guns" behind "sandbags" placed in front of them. Then, I noticed a Kuwaiti officer sitting on a cushioned leather chair with his gun and "sandbags" placed high so they can cover him. I thought that was pretty pathetic.

Anyways, I went into Iraq. For some reason I was excited. Umm Qasr was approximately half an hour away from the border. I thought it would be smaller. I wish I can tell you some new information, but I really cannot. It looks like everything we have been told. Poor people. Kids running on the streets begging. I must admit though, it is a breathtaking place. I just cannot get over the fact how it is like from a different time. I am sure though that other places in Iraq are not like that.

You have to keep in mind though that when I woke up this morning, I woke up in an air-conditioned home, checked my mail while getting dressed, synched my pda, listened to the radio, got into my car, met up with people in Kuwait City ( a really modern looking city) and then travelled back in time. The more north I went, the more behind things got. Umm Qasr is around 100 km away, and yet so different.

To be frank, I wasn't so shocked by the poverty. I don't know if it is because we have been seeing it on TV on a daily basis, or if it is because I have seen this type of poverty before.

posted by Rampurple | 8:05 PM

More Looting

BBC reported yesterday that an engineer for Fox News was arrested with stolen
paintings. He has been fired.

(Thanks BJ)

I also heard a couple of American troops were caught with a few million dollars as well.

posted by Rampurple | 7:57 PM

Wednesday, April 23, 2003  

Iraq, Iraq, here I come...

I am going up to Umm Qasr in the morning. I am really excited about it. I will keep you guys posted tomorrow.

posted by Rampurple | 9:37 PM


Oil is flowing in Iraq again. Eletricity has returned to Karbala and Saddam is still not found.

posted by Rampurple | 5:59 PM

Feel the joy

Thanks to our friend Ziad I read this article and found it a good read. It sorts of puts things in the proper perspective.

posted by Rampurple | 5:54 PM

More from Gibran Tueni

In this article, Gibran Tueni still shows his approval for the US military action in Iraq. He adds that it is crucial for the Arab nations to offer support for this effort as well as it is the responsibility of the Arab media to portray the true image of what is going on in Iraq instead of portraying provocative images and reporting.

Another stand up ovation for Gibran Tueni.

posted by Rampurple | 1:01 PM

World News

What is going on around the world today?

US fears Hizbullah retaliation in Lebanon
Rumsfeld calls for regime change in N. Korea
US seeks to rebuild Iraqi army
US is losing confidence in finding WMD

Lebanon, Syria, N.Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, hmmmm people can we find more people to add to the list? Lets help out the Pentagon.

posted by Rampurple | 9:33 AM

Aw Shucks

I was watching Sky News, and I saw this piece on that Iraqi kid Ali who lost both his arms in the bombing and is currently at Ibn Sina hospital in Kuwait. They had a spokesman from the hospital who gave the following statement, bad grammar and all:

"We felt very bad for Ali, so we bought him Playstation. Now, he has toy just like any normal boy!"

Wow, what do you give the kid with no legs? A fucking bicycle? The kid CAN'T HOLD THE FUCKING CONTROLLER. HE HAS NO ARMS.

This is why I've lost all faith in modern medicine.

posted by Oilrig | 12:17 AM

Tuesday, April 22, 2003  

Iron Maiden

Did we need this evidence of torture? I think we all knew it already.

posted by Rampurple | 5:44 PM

Hush Hush

Iraqi Soldiers? What? Where? When? How?

posted by Rampurple | 4:46 PM

Terrorism Eexceeding the Limit

I think that this is pathetic!

posted by Rampurple | 1:13 PM

Kuwait Attacks Syria

I have read this in Arabic throughout the last week. Thanks to Douglas (a loyal reader of Qhate) he sent me a link of where I can read this in English and be able to show it to all of you. I really cannot comment on it at the moment because I don't think I can be objective about it since I have a love & hate relationship towards Syria.

posted by Rampurple | 10:34 AM

Monday, April 21, 2003  


I don't know how reliable this source is, but according to them Iraqis in Tikrit were upset to see fallen statues of Saddam.

posted by Rampurple | 9:24 PM

aaaaaah....that's where the WMD are !

Iraq destroyed the WMD before the US before the war. Doesn't make much sense to me. If Saddam was going to destroy them, then why didn't he simply do so when the UN had asked him to do so. He knew a war will start if he did not get rid of them. Also, he could have used them and came out victorious instead of losing. I would think that is how Saddam would think...or else why would he even have WMD if he wouldn't even use them. Don't tell me it is because he will look bad to the world. He would rather look evil and be victorious than be hiding in some cave.

posted by Rampurple | 9:16 PM

Americanizing Iraq

Guess what? Burger King and Pizza Hut are starting business in Iraq tomorrow! Why am I not suprised? Kuwaiti franchise holder, Al Homaizi Foodstuff, is the company opening them.

A spokesman for the two restaurants, Atef Bassent, said: "I hope we will do good business here."

Full Story Here

posted by Rampurple | 9:10 PM

Regarding my earlier post

Seems like satellite dishes were not allowed under Saddam's regime. I believe a person used to get 2 months prison time if caught. Satellite dishes were hidden. My bad.

posted by Rampurple | 5:19 PM

Saddam's son in law surrenders

Full story here.

I am sure he would have wanted to defect earlier when Saddam was still in control.

posted by Rampurple | 4:43 PM


Something has caught my attention: I remember reading today on some site (can't seem to remember which one), that Iraqis are watching satellite channels for the first time, since it wasn't allowed under Saddam's regime. Salam Pax said that he watches satellite channels such as Al Jazeera, BBC, and Al Arabiya. For some reason i prefer to believe Salam Pax. You see, since the majority Iraqis don't have money at the moment I am sure they are not capable of satellites under these circumstances. Also, if they were no satellite dishes before, then how did it enter the market already. I thought imports had not started yet. Yet, why would the media lie about that as well. I will go back and try to find that site.

posted by Rampurple | 4:40 PM


I thought these cartoons are nice and funny.

Here is a link to my favorite cartoonist Stavro Jabra

posted by Rampurple | 4:27 PM

....and now what?

The war is over. Iraq's economy is crumbled but will receive help. Mixed emotions in the Mid East and the rest of the world about Iraq's future.

We should no longer ask if the war was the right thing to do. It has been done. What happens now? Is it going to be like Afghanistan? There are ongoing battles there that we don't hear about and Bin Laden still is nowhere to be found.

Kuwait has gotten back to it's routine life. Quite boring really. People were worried about post-traumatic stress. I think that was over rated. We experienced the pre-traumatic stress and tension during the war. I can't seem to remember how we lived before then. For the last few months I kept checking the news for the lastest developments. During the war, I was glued to the TV. Now what?

posted by Rampurple | 12:58 PM
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