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Saturday, March 22, 2003  

One more thing
Where is Wolf Blitzer tonight??? Is he sleeping??? I guess he stays awake for 3 days then sleeps 1 day... Jim Clancy is on now but he doesn't have a beard..

posted by Mark | 11:28 PM

I hear planes!
Finally a bit of action. After a really boring and eventless day, i just heard sounds of planes pass by overhead. I think they were heading south which means they must have been coming back from Iraq. Unlike yesterday tonight I heard 2 different sounds. The same humming one as yesterday AND a jet engined plane.

How come CNN has become boring? They seem to be repeating the same shit over and over and they stopped broadcasting live video from the battle fields. Its been a slow day today i guess, why hasn't anyone other then me posted today????

posted by Mark | 11:25 PM

Double Trouble
From CNN: "A Tomahawk cruise missile might have missed its Iraqi target, instead landing in southwest Iran, Pentagon officials said Saturday. Military officials are investigating the possibility. Hundreds of cruise missiles were used during the coalition bombing attacks Friday."

Now I know Tomahawk missiles are accurate only 98% of the time but when they fuck up... they REALLY fuck up. Its a scary thought because now I have to worry about the Iraqi Scuds AND the US Tomahawk missles!

posted by Mark | 8:19 PM

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures
Many of you emailed me asking me about the pictures I have of the US and British soldiers and if I actually took the pictures myself. Sadly the answer is no, i didn't shoot those pictures. I got the pictures from Yahoo News Photos.

posted by Mark | 6:54 PM

The Gas Masks
I finally was able to try on a gas mask. Here in Kuwait supermarkets and general stores started selling them a few weeks ago. Personally I haven't bought one since I did not want to spend the $75 for a gas mask and also because I didn't believe and still don't believe Iraq would gas us here. Anyway a friend of mine turned out had bought one, a really expensive one. It's made by 3M and unlike the ones that are being sold in the market this one actually looks like it works. The one's I have seen being sold in the market look like they were made for sale during World War II!

I decided to pass by my friends place today and take a picture of the gas mask to show everyone (yeah thats me in the picture). I tried the mask on and straight away i felt very uncomfortable. It felt very claustrophobic in it and I had a hard time breathing. I can't imagine having the mask on for an hour and being stuck in a panic room (a small bathroom or bedroom in the house where using duct tape is rendered air tight).

In case of emergency its very easy to put the mask on. You just put it on your head and pull on the 2 straps on the side and then pull on the 2 straps on the top. Right away you can tell the mask has become airtight. I have decided that if I was to buy a gas mask this would be my first choice. It looks cool, feels good and its made by 3M...

posted by Mark | 2:53 PM

The Unseen Gulf War
Someone sent me a link to this site with pictures from the aftermath of the previous Gulf War. The site is called "The Unseen Gulf War" and contains black and white graphic photos taken right after the Gulf War.

posted by Mark | 2:18 PM

B52s over Poland?
Mariusz Poland writes "Hi, at about 11.00 pm (GMT+1) till midnight 21.03 I heard deep heavy sound of big aircrafts over my house in Szczecin - north west Poland. They were all heading north. I think they might have been B-52s on their way back from Baghdad. It's about 5 hours by plane to Iraq, and they were coming just 5 hours after "Shock and Awe". Does anyone know the routes of UK bombers to Iraq/return?"

I guess he heard the same thing I heard. Maybe they came over Europe, bombed Iraq, then U-turned over kuwait, bombed Iraq some more on the way back and then passed over Polond on its way to there base...

posted by Mark | 10:22 AM

Songs that have been running through my head these past couple days.

The Clash - Rock the Casbah
Black Sabbath - War Pigs
REM - End of the World as We Know It.

posted by nibaq | 6:39 AM

Whats that sound?
The past few hours I have been hearing deep humming sounds in the sky. I think they might be a B52s flying towards Iraq since they dont sound very fast, they sound big, and they dont sound like jet engined planes. Good thing I don't live in Baghdad. Kuwait feels so safe now.

posted by Mark | 2:18 AM

Kuwait Tonight
Today I noticed there were people back on the streets and the shops where open again. The checkpoints that were up yesterday night were not there today. Seems people are feeling more comfortable with the situation. I guess thats better although i prefered it when the streets were empty. I just realized now that Wolf Blitzer reminded me of a teacher i had back in highschool. Very strange...

posted by Mark | 1:09 AM

Friday, March 21, 2003  

The Sirens
The sirens just came on. Where are the Iraqi firing the missiles from and why haven't the Americans destroyed those missile sites???? I watched the most fearsome bombing on CNN and I don't understand why they haven't destroyed all the missile sites first! Shouldn't these be the first things they destroy??

posted by Mark | 11:17 PM

A-Day : All Updates Reported Here

- Iran claims that the US accidently sent a rocket 5 km into Iran, in a village called Abedan. Wounded have been reported.
- Kuwaiti army does not want to interfere in anything that occurs on Iraqi soil
- CNN claims that Saddam's location has been verified and bombings are
continously bombing the specific location in effort to kill Saddam.
- at 11:15 sirens were heard in Kuwait. Still dont know why.
- Iraq information minister, gets on street himself takes the Al Jazeera crew to some place. We don't know yet. Waiting to see what will happen.
- Hundreds of people wait outside the Saudi Embassy in Kuwait hoping for Visas, worried Kuwait will be attacked.
- Rumsfeld does not believe the US will be viewed as a bully.
- Iraq has expelled 4 CNN journalists and closed bureau in Baghdad.
- 2 Marines officer have been killed in combat on ground today.
- Airstrikes will last a few more hours. Hundreds of targets will be hit.
- US urges Iraqis not to fight back so they live to see and enjoy a liberated Iraq.
- Turkish airspace is being used for these airstrikes.
- US ground forces push 160 km into Iraq from the South, 25km away from Basra.
- Twelve missiles hit the main presidential complex of Saddam. It is on fire.
- Second wave of airstrikes has started. Several buildings ablaze in Baghdad.
- US troops were told to take down the flag in Umm Al Qasr because they are liberating not occupying.

posted by Rampurple | 9:28 PM

Baghdad Under Bombardment

The "Shock and Awe" Campaign on Baghdad and Mosul, started at 9pm Baghdad time. It is now 9:18 and the bombarding is continuing. I have never seen this type of large scale, intense bombarding. I do not have enough information at the moment to inform you but I will update you as the news comes in.

posted by Rampurple | 9:20 PM

Wolf Blitzer
Well I finally was able to find out where Wolf Blitzer and the whole CNN crew where staying thanks to an anonymous email I received.

I passed by the hotel tonight on my way back from Kuwait City. The hotel was guarded heavily on the outside and inside but I had no problem getting in. I went to the reception desk and asked if CNN was staying here and the guy told me yes and pointed me in the direction of the lift where a secrutiy person was seated. He told me to go talk to him to get more info on CNN, so i did. So i went and told the security guy that I wanted to meet Wolf Blitzer and he told me to take a seat for a few minutes.

I sit down and take out my camera to make sure there was battery inside when all of a sudden who other then Wolf Blitzer himself walks in. He was carrying a Kevlar helmet and vest so I figured he had just come in from the field. The security guard started to explain to him that i wanted to meet with him when i decided to go up and introduce myself. I went up to him and shaked his hand, i was a bit nervous since it was Wolf Blitzer in front of me. Anyway I start explaining to him that I wanted to take a picture with him for qHate and stuff when things started going downhill.

Firstly, he didn't know what a blog was. Secondly he didn't know what qHate was. Finally I think he became really suspicious because there was a six foot one white arab male with a drunknmunky tshirt standing infront of him, without an appointment and wanting to take a "fan picture" with him. He told me he wouldnt be able to take a picture with me and told me to speak to this other lady to see if it was OK. Then he left upstairs to his room.

The security guard then calls the lady up for me and I spoke to her on the phone. Told her the story about the site and all. She told me she needed to ask Wolf if it was ok. So she asks him and he tells her no he doesnt want a picture. Her reason was that the network or something wouldnt allow it and that they didnt know what the site was about etc.. I gave her the site address and asked her to call me if it was ok. She was nice and told me she would but wouldnt promise me anything and that was it.

The good thing I guess is I finally was able to meet Wolf Blitzer. The bad thing is I didn't get to have my picture taken with him. I just hope the lady does end up checking this site and realizes that its all good intentions...

posted by Mark | 8:11 PM

Missile in Fahaheel
I recieved this email yesterday but I wasnt able to confirm it and now I am thinking I should have posted it when I got it. After reading Ram's post below I believe it was true. Fahaheel is a city in Kuwait where some oil refinaries are located..

----the email----

Missile narrowly misses oil refinery near fahaheel. Friends were hanging out there when one of them managed to see it, lots of ambulances, firefighters, and police rushed to the scene. But no fire, and only a bit of smoke in the beginning, not much later. This is nuts...

posted by Mark | 5:22 PM

Killer Camels??
I wonder if the army have come accross the "Killer Camels". I was actually searching for a book related to Kuwait on amazon when I came accross this book called "Killer Camels from Kuwait". Does anyone know what this book could be about??

posted by Mark | 5:16 PM


- According to Iraqi officials, an American or a British plane has been gunned down in Iraq.
- A Marine was killed in combat.
- Saddam Hussein is rewarding anyone who guns down Allied forces.
- According to the US, 450 Iraqis have surrendered.
- Kuwaiti officials declare that the missile that was intercepted by a Patriot this morning was not a Scud.
- Angry protests are continuing around the globe in places such as San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Yemen, Beirut, London, and more.
- Some stores destroyed in Fahaheel Kuwait when a missile landed in the sea nearby.
- Live pics of Umm Al Qasr in

posted by Rampurple | 4:00 PM

Television... normal television
I finally was able to watch some "normal television". Started off with Seinfield, followed by Everybody loves Raymond, Malcom in the middle, the simpsons and then the 70s show. It felt strange not watching CNN and I was tempted to switch the channel back to CNN just to see what was going on but I didn't. Will see how long I can keep this going for... probably until Moesha starts then I would definetly switch channels!!

posted by Mark | 3:27 PM

Dark Skies
The sight of the smoke form the burning oil wells give me chills. Imagine driving in your car on the road then suddenly it becomes dark. They are black clouds in the sky that cover up the sun. Dark thick clouds. You can look straight at the sun, and just barely make it out.

These things are spewing black oil and it burning. The ground near it is like an earthquake. Land just rumbling underneath your feet. Seeing this huge flame of heat spewing out of the ground and hearing the sound of burning like jets flying over head, but coming form the ground.

Something you would imagine hell would be, dark, bleak with flames and heat.

A pic of these flames
The dark skies

posted by nibaq | 2:35 PM

What To Believe

I have been glued to the TV set the last few days. From previous experience I have learnt to pick up essential information and know whether it is true or not. Yet, there is so much confusement. I have a few questions which I would like to be answered.

Last night, during the air strikes, Iraq said that an Allied chopper was shot down. What was an American chopper doing in Baghdad? Foreign networks mentioned this as well. Then it was forgotten about.

Today, the media said that the Allied troops have taken over Umm Qasr. Then why did they not show footage of it. We have seen live footage of lots of things but not of this.

A while ago, we heard sirens in Kuwait and later were told that patriot missiles intercepted a scud missile. Is it possible that Iraq fired missiles during their news conference?

posted by Rampurple | 1:41 PM

Kuwaiti POWs

It has been 12 years of questions and speculations. Families and friends have been holding their breaths for too long.

I hope what this war will do is finally give some answers. One thing that many Kuwaitis are wanting to know is the what happened to the 605 missing individuals [598 men and 7 women],that Iraq captured and abducted at random.

The site for Kuwaiti POWs

posted by nibaq | 1:15 PM

More Sirens

Sirens are being heard all over Kuwait at the moment. This is the 9th time the sirens have been heard in Kuwait the last 2 days.

More Updates:
- Minister of Information in Iraq, Mohammed Al Sahaf, is having a press conference showing pictures of Iraqi casualties in hospital. Over 37 people injured.
- Mohammed Al Sahaf says Saddam is safe.
- Interior Minister, Ahmed Al Quilab, holding a gun and says his 10 year old son is also holding a gun. They will all carry their weapons till the war is over.
- Ahmed Al Qulaib also added that if the Palestenian people have not been defeated when they ony use stones, then how would they defeat the Iraqi people who have weapons.
- Ahmed also denies that the allied troops have taken control of Umm Qasr. He says if it is true, then why did they not show you footage of it.

posted by Rampurple | 1:09 PM

Reports Denied

According to Fox News, Uday Hussein did not flee to Kuwait.

More Updates:
- US Marines raise American flag over Umm Qasr Port in Iraq.
- Allied forces still charging through South Iraq towards Baghdad.
- Allied forces take over Bamerni Airport near Iraq/ Turkey border.
- Palace used by Qusay Hussein (Saddam's son) completely destroyed.
- US soldiers secure Karkouk oil fields in North of Iraq.
- Number of Iraqi soldiers surrendering out of Umm Qast has gone up from 30 to 40.

posted by Rampurple | 12:37 PM

Email I would like to share
I just woke up, its 12:00PM in Kuwait now. I tried to get as much sleep as possible so I could stay up really late today watching the news.

Anyway so I was just checking my email when I found one that I thought I would share with everyone:

You guys, seriously thank you sooo much...plz keep blogging...I'm in the US and actually can't get through to my family..i'm worried sick...you guys are really comforting (under these circumstances)...keep up the great blogging..and add as much detail as you can plz coz you've become my only truthful source of news from home. Thanks a LOT!

posted by Mark | 11:59 AM

Uday Hussein Defects

According to Al Jazeera, Uday Hussein has defected to Kuwait. Uday is Saddam's favored son. Reports have no been confirmed by Kuwaiti officials yet.

More Updares:
- Over 30 Iraqi soldiers have surrendered during the last few hours.
- Reports now say that in the CH-46 chopper that crashed there were 8 Brits and 4 US troops.

posted by Rampurple | 11:26 AM

What's Going On

Wow! I just had 10 hours of sleep. I did not hear the last few sirens. I just checked the news to see what has changed. Nothing drastic.

- US and British led ground forces are continuing towards Baghdad.
- Crash of CH-46 chopper kills 16 US and British troops. Reason of crash is still unknown.
- The US do not know if Saddam or his sons are already dead or alive.
- Anti-War protests occur around the globe.
- Kuwait is usually quiet on Fridays so not much has changed except that most people are glued to their TVs watching the news.

posted by Rampurple | 10:36 AM

Bed Time
Its nearly 2AM now here in Kuwait. Finished giving an interview for the New York Times earlier. That was pretty cool. I am really sleepy at the moment. How does Wolf Blitzer stay awake?? Maybe if I get to meet him I will ask him. I am gonna go sleep now. If anyone can help me meet Wolf Blitzer email me.

posted by Mark | 1:53 AM

More Sirens
The sirens came on again. This time I decided to open my window and I think I am gonna keep it on since now because i can hear is loudly and clearly I am getting an adrenelin rush. Who wouldnt want that at 1:30AM!

posted by Mark | 1:20 AM

The Sirens
How come the emergency sirens sound like something out of a Stanley Kubrick movie?? Couldnt they make it less freaky. If the situation in Kuwait isn't already scary enough, the sirens arent making things better!

posted by Mark | 12:27 AM

Thursday, March 20, 2003  

Latest Updates

- Allied troops have entered Iraq and taken over Um Qasar.
- Air strikes have started on Baghdad. No definite report yet but it seems like a US helicopter has been shot down. Some buildings have been hit.
- The US has declared that the "shock and awe" has not started yet.

posted by Rampurple | 11:21 PM

My Latest Adventure
Me and my friend just came back from maybe the coolest ride ever. We decided to take a ride to Kuwait City to check out how things were there. Firstly I would like to say that Kuwait has officially become a ghost town. The roads were empty, totally empty and its Thursday night which means it should be packed!

On the way to Kuwait City we noticed Security tents set up on the side of the road, they look like small bases. We also passed by 2 checkpoints on the way there and we noticed that the only cars on the road belong to undercover agents.

So we get to Kuwait City and decide to pass by the hotels to see what was happening there since all the journalists are there. We decided to park our car, pick up some dinner and walk towards the Sheraton hotel. We get there when we notice a reporter was giving a live broadcast from the sidewalk. We decided to go watch it when one of the crew runs towards us and tells out to move out of the way. He then tells us that the reporter had just stated that he was broadcasting Live from Kuwait City where it is currently vacant.. when me and my friend happen pass behind him eating our sandwiches and sipping our coke as if nothing was going on. Anyway after we were pushed back a distance from the camera we started chatting with the guy, I found out that he works for Channel 5, a French tv station. As we were talking a car pulls up on the side of the road and asks us to come over to him. They were 3 guys in an old red Toyota and had handguns. Turned out they were undercover agents and we were looking very suspicious standing on the curb outside the hotel. Luckily we were with the French guy who told the agents that they were broadcasting a live newscast. After they noticed the camera a bit ahead they let us go.

After that incident I decided to go look for Wolf Blitzer, the CNN guy, I wanted to take a photo with him since he is fucking cool. We drove down to another hotel which I thought I would be able to find him at but it turned out CNN wasnÕt staying there. Does anyone know where Wolf Blitzer is staying at? Whats his email? Wolf if you are reading this, how can I have a photo taken with you??

posted by Mark | 9:44 PM

Turkey Agrees

- Turkey has agreed for the US to use its sky.
- US says massive attack will start on an hour
- Iraq has set fire to some oil wells in Basra

posted by Rampurple | 7:06 PM

The Enemy You Know

I dont think I can deal with anti war protests. This is something that has to happen. Saddam has to go he is not a nice person, he has killed his own people, invaded a country, had a war with another country for 8 years, and bombs other countries.

They say it is better to live with the enemy you know than the enemy you don't. Well people have been living with and next to Saddam for long time, and they want him out.

Someone stated what happens if they bring someone worse than Saddam. You know what? I doubt that and even then I will still take my chances.

posted by nibaq | 6:26 PM

Just a bit of fun
Here are some pictures i took of a group of young kuwaiti men taking advantage of the empty streets of kuwait.

posted by Mark | 5:32 PM

People shouldn't live like this

Just hearing about the scuds being fired to Kuwait, and thinking what is going on. Is everyone ok, where did they hit, who did they hit. Questions and more questions.

When talking to RAM, this was said.

Timbuktu: we dont know.
RAM: theres a lot we dont know.

And that is the general status, not really knowing what is going on. Having fear and uncertainity and doubt run through your mind just trying to keep it together and focused.

Hearing that scuds were fired to Kuwait reminded me of 1991 and watching Israeli satelite tv. Then normal programming was changed to a warning for a missle attack and the people running around looking for safety.

Just living in this state of emotions and mentally is not right. People need to live normal lives, without these fears of their own safety and loved ones.

posted by nibaq | 4:42 PM

What's Been Going On

- At dawn, the US began strikes against Saddam Hussein himself.
- Half an hour later, Saddam appears on TV to make a speech. Still threatning the US.
- Casualties report was released by the Red Cross. 14 people were injured. 1 was killed.
- A bit after noon, Sirens were heard around Kuwait.
- Reports have been made that Iraq fired Scud Missiles towards Kuwait. Most reports say that 2 scuds actually hit Kuwait in the North. One was hit close to a military base.
- Since then Kuwait has heard sirens a total of 3 times.
- The US has said that the massive war attack will start soon.

posted by Rampurple | 4:38 PM

What a trip!!

OK, where to start. I woke up around 11:30AM and noticed I had some missed calls and messages on my cell phone. It turned out i DID have work today. So i get to work and open blogger so I can type my daily update here when the Sirens start. So I quickly just posted "SIRENS", shut off my computer, picked up my stuff and ran up to the roof of the building with my video camera. In Kuwait if you hear sirens it means that a missle is about to hit. So I was hoping to catch something on video.

A few minutes pass and the sirens shut off without incident. So me and my workmate decided to evacuate the building using the fire escape. We started walking down when we notice boxes and trash blocking our escape at around the second floor. I actually tripped and hit my head on the wall while trying to walk over them!! I have the picture of that above.

So we finally get down when we realized that we were hungry. So we deicded to go to Mc Donalds for lunch. We get to Mc Donalds, order our food and sit down. 2 minutes later a Mc Donalds chick comes up to us and tells us that we have to take our food and leave since they want to close down. We got kicked out of Mc Donalds!! Thats when you know things are serious!

So I am back home now, got some friends coming over to play on my XBOX, fucking crazy day so far...

posted by Mark | 1:37 PM


Sirens ringing around Kuwait. Warning to switch lights off. Stay away from doors and windows.

posted by Rampurple | 12:32 PM


posted by Mark | 12:29 PM

Just like old times

Been watching CNN and other random new networks for the past 8 hours. It feels just how the 91 Gulf War, watching waiting hearing the same thing over and over again.

Feel drained, and just out of it.This is going to last a long while, the news and just onslaught of information being repeated and silly facts on the equipment then we also have the banter.

Need to get rid of the tv.

posted by nibaq | 10:42 AM

9:10 am 20/3/03 : Operation Iraqi Freedom
I slept throughout the night. I just woke up and I am getting briefed on the latest developments.There still is a dust storm outside. I wonder if the rest of the Kuwaiti population have experienced really bad sleep like I have.

posted by Rampurple | 9:13 AM

Morning update
Its 7:30AM here in Kuwait. I woke up and checked CNN and it seems the war has started.. The weather is very dusty outside. It feels strangely hot at the moment.. will check the AC..
Can't see anything outside my window, there is nothing really showing on CNN either... will go back to sleep now... no work today.

posted by Mark | 7:17 AM

I am falling asleep infront of the computer. I never thought waiting for a war to start would be so boring. I am going to bed, if anything happens i will post it here. So check back if something happens.. goodnight.

posted by Mark | 4:32 AM

It's 4AM
It's 4am now here in Kuwait... so now what? How will I know if the war starts? Is someone gonna blow a whistle or something???

posted by Mark | 4:04 AM

Its 3AM here in Kuwait which means 1 hour left, I hope something happens tonight because I dont think I will be able to wake up at 8:30AM for work.

I have been watching CNN since I got back home. I tried watching BBC but I just found it too boring and lacking. They showed scenes from the airport a few mintues ago on CNN and my friend was right, its just over crowded with people.

I am tired... need to sleep... 1 more hour to go...

posted by Mark | 3:14 AM

Chemical Info

Did some research on chemical weapons and how they work and what to do when they happen, and how long they last with the weather.

Chemical Info

posted by nibaq | 2:38 AM

On a brighter note
Just found something that should prove to be useful
The Gulf War Drinking Game

posted by Mark | 2:24 AM

The Final Countdown
Its 12:30AM and I just got home. I was out with my friends at our usual hangout. We were the only people there except for a small group of journalists. Very creepy.

I just put my laptop, palm, phone, digital camera and video camera all on charge so just incase something happens i can still get online.

We thought we heard some gunshots awhile ago but it might have been fireworks...

I have a friend who called me from the airport and he told me it was a sight to see. He was like the whole of Kuwait is at the airport. All flights out of kuwait are booked. Today there were 5 flights to Lebanon alone! Everyone is scared.

I was planning on going to Mc Donalds for dinner but decided Burger King would be a safer choice since I think if a terrorist would attack a fastfood chain Mc Donalds would be there first choice.

Anyway I will keep everyone updated with whats going on here. a few more hours left...

posted by Mark | 12:41 AM

Wednesday, March 19, 2003  

Students worry on both fronts

Here is an article talking to Kuwaiti students in the US, and the feelings and worries they are having from what is going on in Kuwait and in the US.

posted by nibaq | 9:52 PM

Iraqis Surrendering

15 Iraqi soldiers have crossed the Iraq-Kuwait border today to surrender to the Americans. The Iraqi soldiers were handed over to the Kuwait Police.

posted by Rampurple | 8:47 PM

What's Been Going On
-Some of the US soldiers here in Kuwait have already entered Iraq last night.
-A Kuwaiti patrol at sea shot at an Iraqi dhow last night killing one Iraqi.
-The press in Kuwait are at the border and have been informed that the army will officially enter Iraq at 4:15 am.
-The airport is flooded with people trying to catch a flight out of Kuwait.
-There is extra security in the street, including more of those blue cammouflage tanks

posted by Rampurple | 4:55 PM

No work incase of strike
Just got word from my boss that incase the US strikes tomorrow, then I have tomorrow and Saturday off. Friday is off anyway since in Kuwait Friday is like Sunday in the west. If the US strikes on Friday, then I have Saturday and Sunday off. Cool... so far this whole war issue is turning out to be great for me..

posted by Mark | 3:04 PM

British Soldiers in Kuwait
I just finished adding pictures of the British soldiers training in the Kuwaiti dessert. You can check them out by clicking HERE

posted by Mark | 2:43 PM


Something to think about...

Naturally, the common people don't want war ... but after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.

- Hermann Goering

posted by nibaq | 11:16 AM

Second Alert Two
Well I guess it was bound to happen. Panic has stricken Kuwait. People are over buying and stacking up on everything. Supermarkets are turning empty, gas stations have long lines, and the government has officially put Kuwait on Second Alert Two.

I noticed that people arenÕt doing much anymore. I went and played a game of Counter Strike yesterday and the place which would usually be packed was for the first time ever.. empty. There is also a lot less traffic on the streets, which is how I prefer it. So far I like the way things are, I donÕt really like crowds.

I also filled my car with gas yesterday morning before the rush so it should last me for around a week. By then I hope the panic would have settled down and I donÕt have to wait in long lines just to fill up gas. I also finally got batteries for my flashlight.

My video camera is gonna be with me where ever I go. It was always in the trunk of my car but I figured it would be useless there since I spend most of the day either at the office or at home. Now I am at the office and its here with me. I scouted the roof yesterday to see if there was a good view... there was! If an emergency siren ever sounds the roof will be the place I will go to with my camera.

I will be adding pictures of the british soldiers training in the Kuwaiti dessert later on today...

posted by Mark | 8:18 AM

Tuesday, March 18, 2003  

Kuwait to use text messages to alert population of war
The Kuwaiti government is planning to send all news and announcements about the impending war with Iraq via SMS text messages:

The intent is clear: detailed messages from a reliable source (unless the enemy takes over the cellular operator) to inform citizens and dispel rumors. The service is free of charge to recipients. According to one distributor for Nokia phones in the region, this policy has caused a rush to buy cell phones.

posted by Mark | 11:18 PM

Notes From My Day

Things seem to be different today. People seem to be feeling down. I guess reality kicked in. War is here.

Speaking of Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I find it difficult to talk to anyone. Everyone seems to snap at any word said.
Most schools are going to close tomorrow.
People are starting to fear that Saddam might throw chemical war heads here.

I was watching CNN earlier. One of the Kuwaiti based correspondents was commenting on general things. Such as the blue cammouflage tanks. No one seems to know what they are cammouflaging from. When asked if the people of Kuwait were prepared for chemical bombs. His reply was that all the CNN crew are prepared, some Kuwaitis seemed to have bought masks, while the majority seem to be relying on God.

Also on CNN, a report from Iraq. Kids under the age of 10 are being trained for war.

Most people seem to be at loss for words. Yet, several people have lots to say as well. Everyone is analyzing everything. Everyone is predicting something. With so many nations against the war, it seems useless to say anything anymore. Nations have showed their cards (like Bush would say), people across the globe have done protests against the war. All we can do now is wait and see what will happen.

posted by Rampurple | 3:35 PM


This is an email I got:


I dont know what to say right now. I'm very confused. I dont like what is going on ever since I woke up this morning and found out about what Bush was telling Saddam Hussein. 48 hours to leave the country and get out with his sons is scaring me a lot. My sister lives in Kuwait with her family and I'm very worried about her. I wanted to tell her earlier to leave but I never though she would listen cause my mom had tried many times before that. Now she's in Kuwait and Iraq, the next door neighbor, is about to get attacked.

I'm worried about the chemical warfare the most especially if Saddam decides to go crazy and let out as much as he can just because he knows he will get beat. If that happens Kuwait will probably be the first to hit since it is helping out America the most. I've been smsing her for a while now and ive gotten no responses which puts me in a worse state. Im getting ready to call right now so by the time im done writing this Ill be heading down to buy a phone card which I still hope the phone companies in Kuwait still work. I have to admit I'm scared but not for my own safety but rather those of Kuwait.

posted by nibaq | 12:14 PM

Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder
I was just reading the site about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I don't know about anyone else, but i think I am suffering from Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Am I prepared for war? I really do not know. If worst case scenario occurs, meaning a bio-chemical bomb hits, than no I am not. Do I have food stocked at home? Yes. I have loads of candles instead of flashligts. Honestly, this really is not what is bothering me.

For the past 2 months, we have been expecting a war "next week". Recently, "next week" became "tomorrow." Now it is "soon." This is causing tension in my life. Work has slowed down. I do not know what I will be doing a week from now. I have adapted by living each day for itself, but how long can a person do that for. It has been 9 months sinced Bush pointed his finger at Saddam, and 4 months since Saddam has actually been under threat. I keep thinking let them get it over with so we can live our lives naturally again. Yet, I really do not know what will really happen. Would our lives run naturally after the bombing ends. How long would the war last for anyways? I have to admit I have been really agitated recently. I have snapped at people a few times these last few days. I also got upset that the war has not started yet. I did not want them to postpone another few days. If I remember my history correctly, I do not recall any nation being under threat for so long.

posted by Rampurple | 10:16 AM

This morning I arrived at work 10 minutes late. To my suprise, the gate was still closed. I walked in and found the whole place empty. All my co-workers were expecting the war to start last night. They thought we would not have work today. The word is beng spread at this moment that the war has not started and will not start for another few days.

How prepared are we in Kuwait for a war? I think most people are either in a state of denial or they just do not understand the extent of how serious this is. I was sitting with a group of friends last night and every time the war was mentioned, it was mentioned humorously. I believe the talk of war is for mere entertainment. We have nothing else to discuss nowadays, Everybody wants excitement. Who cares about the thousands who will die as a result of the war. Let us just get some action.

Is the majority of Kuwait prepared for a bio-chemical attack? No.
Does the majority know where to find bomb shelters? No.
Can anyone survive without electricity? No.
Do i need to go on? No.

posted by Rampurple | 9:48 AM

Kuwait Now
Just finished reading the newspaper here, the Arab Times. There are barely any ads inside! There is an ad for a GPS system, an insurance ad for "War Risk Coverage" and an ad for a 4x4 vehicle. ThatÕs the local market adapting.

I know that an owner of a car agency here in Kuwait told his employees to empty the showroom of all unnecessary cars. The interesting thing is that he is worried about local looting once the war starts. That is something I never thought of and since I heard they would be shutting down all electricity, and communication for a few hours once the war starts.. I think his actions would be reasonable.

My workmate just told me that he went to buy bread yesterday and they were on short supply. They allowed him only to take 2 bags and not more. Bottled water is also hard to find in local super markets. Gas stations yesterday were also filled up.

Personally the only preperation I did was buy a flashlight and I just remembered i need to get batteries for it. I hope they don't turn off the electricity though...

posted by Mark | 8:32 AM

War in ? days

So US President Bush has stated that they will give Saddam and his son 48 hours to leave Iraq, then they will attack "at a time of our choosing". So that means 2 days and I am going to guess 6-14 days to allow them to prepare and get things ready.

This will allow for:
- The troops to be in the starting positions.
- Allow people to leave Iraq.
- Keep Saddam guessing on when it will happen.
- Have his troops wait and let it effect their moral.

Which intresting enough will be these dates: March 25th [Last Quater of Moon] - April 2 [New Moon]. This concides with my previous post on March 9th on that they will attack based on the moon phases.

posted by nibaq | 4:34 AM

Strange Days

Well seems in Kuwait the supermarkets are becoming emptier in goods, water food etc. with people preparing for the on coming attack. SMS messages are being sent to people on a frantic rate telling the receiver how much they love them and sorry if they did anything to hurt them or betray them as if they will not be seeing them again.

The streets are emptier and people are just staying in doors and watching and waiting.

The waiting is what is causing a lot of stress for people, not sure wen it is going to start and what will happen when it does. It looks like a lot of children are being affected by this in their daily lives. They weren't alive fo the last invasion/war or don't recall it. So this is all new to them and just emotionally overwhelming.

This makes me not worry as much about any physical damage that will occur from this war which can be easily replaced/repaired compared to the emotional and mental damage that will occur such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Lets hope it starts and ends quickly.

posted by nibaq | 3:54 AM

Monday, March 17, 2003  

Something I just read...fake?
Got this weird email about ex-Lebanese president, and a US Col. and how they tried to convince Saddam goto exhile.

Here are parts of it:

"After Saddam warmly shook his hand, the American said: "It's been a long time since I last saw you, but you seem to be in great shape. You are a great soldier and I am looking forward to facing you on the battlefield."

"When do you intend to attack and try to kill me?" Saddam asked.

"Basically, after the March 19 deadline passes," came the reply. "

Click here for all of it.

posted by Mark | 12:12 PM

Statistics on Kuwaitis
90% are with war to change the Iraqi regime
86% are willing to support and be part of the removal of Saddam from power
60% trust the emergency preparations and precautions the government is taking
74% are willing to give aid to the Iraqi people
68.5% believe war will happen
89.6% are against war on Iraq that wouldnÕt lead to the destruction of the current regime
81.8% will not leave Kuwait in case of war
88.9% against attacking Americans and westerners (civilians or army) in Kuwait
76.9% do not support Osama bin Ladens ideology

Source: Qabas newspaper 17/3/03

posted by Mark | 9:35 AM

From the British Embassy - Kuwait

Dear Wardens

I would like to draw your attention to a significant change in the Foreign & Commonwealth OfficeÕs travel advice for Kuwait, which issued this morning. It has also been put on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website. The key points are as follows:

ŌThere is the risk of an attack from Iraq in the event of hostilities. This might involve chemical and biological weapons.

There have been recent attacks in Kuwait by terrorists. The threat to British individuals and organisations from terrorism is now high. It will rise further in the event of hostilities with Iraq. Terrorist attacks in the region could involve the use of chemical and biological weapons or materials.

The Rest of the Email

posted by Mark | 9:24 AM

Dear America,
You have killed satire.
I want to stab every congressman in the eye now.

posted by Oilrig | 2:23 AM

Sunday, March 16, 2003  

Psychic Game
I was going through my old mail today and looked at an email I had received 2 months ago. At the time I thought it was funny, now it seems so real. Check it out!

Gulf War 2 (aka World War 2.5)

posted by Rampurple | 10:33 PM

Where are they going?
I passed by the Sheraton Hotel today. If you remember last week when i passed by I had seen a huge number of 4x4 vehicles belonging to the press, all parked and ready to go on the earliest sign of war. Well guess what, they are not there anymore! Actually their were only 3 left.. There was a guy on the roof of one of the jeeps and he was loading up gallons of fuel on the top while another person was loading equipment in the rear. They looked like they were about to leave too.. I guess the war is just a blink away...

posted by Mark | 4:38 PM
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