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Friday, February 07, 2003  

Virgin Sucks
I passed by Virgin awhile ago so i could check it out properly before I review it for plus965. It was my second time there and I was expecting it to be better. It wasnt, they still don't have shit there, or alteast the stuff I listen to. I wasn't looking for anything rare though, they didn't even have David Holmes!!
Anyway its not gonna be a good review thats for sure. I still think Lebanons Virgin is a lot better....

posted by Mark | 9:36 PM

I love winter, I never want it to end. Wish I could move to Iceland

This year it didn't even get really cold here. Still haven't been able to wear a sweater and jacket at the same time. Summer is coming close and I am not looking forward to it. Got to start emptying the contents of my car soon, don't want anything to warp!

posted by Mark | 2:47 AM

Thursday, February 06, 2003  

Kuwait becoming Houston?

Well saw this article on MSNBC: It's Beginning to Look a Lot
Like Houston

Which I thought was going to be about the horrible smog and pollution problem in Kuwait and that major oil companies are begining to open branches there.

But article talks about how Kuwait is becoming very Americana, and it's change over the 12 years with consumerism and how its all chic and shit. Yet how its becoming too much that it is making people go religous.

In my opinion we have had major consumerism going on, in shops and franchises, but really no reality or depth. It all looks good in the outside but it is all fake underneath.

I understand where the religous groups are coming from when they see this mass consumer behavior, and the people accepting it. So their knee jerk reaction is to ban it and get rid of it. Yet it just makes the forbidden fruit more sweeter.

Kuwait just needs to stop investing in short term consumer behavoir and in something that will offer then long term benifits like education, programs in arts and literature that will give back to the country rather then have it sent out.

posted by nibaq | 11:35 PM

Is it true that if you are American and suddenly a war breaks out, you have to pay to be evacuated? Thats what i heard today, that if the American embassy evacuates you, you will have to pay for the ticket and for their help, later on ofcourse. If this is true I think its silly.

posted by Mark | 8:50 PM

Its Thursday night, just got back home. I was at IKEA and Souk Sharq. Suprisingly neither one of them was very crowded not even the sea side road which i took on the way back. I guess everyone is either afraid to leave their homes or already left the country. I heard today most of the polticians are leaving the country. No one is saying its cause of the war ofcourse. I think Kuwait is better like this, empty. Less traffic is never something bad...

posted by Mark | 8:35 PM

Well finally on this post thing, when I should have done it when I was still in Kuwait. I do have my old journal entries from Sept->Dec. Maybe I will sort through them and post them to have a back catalog.

This is an email I got from my friend who just got stationed in Kuwait:

"Dude, what the F is up with yer country?!? I mean, OK, I haven't seen any of
the cities yet but this whole "Desert" thing is seriously getting me down!
Do U know what a "Shamal" is? Well, I do--now! 3 tents blew over today &
everythings covered in dust & sand. Chow means braving the hideously long
line for an hour outside in the sand & wind. Sux. R U still in Sea-town? I
sure wish I was!!! "

I just can't help laughing reading that. Poor fool, and he hasn't seen the heat yet...

Well I will work on the back catalog stuff, will take to (o) about setting it up, but dont like hold me accountable for it, still got a shit load of stuff that I have to work on.


posted by nibaq | 7:32 PM

Well I just found out that teachers from the American schools in Kuwait got paid a year salary in advance! Lucky teachers...

posted by Mark | 3:16 PM

Just read in the paper that after February 15th, the North of Kuwait will be turned into a military zone. This means no one will be able to enter it unless they have permission. Many Kuwaitis have complained since the North is a popular camping hotspot.

posted by Mark | 3:15 PM
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